ccminer working

Getting Started (Screenshots)

First, go to the pool webpage and register.
Then create your miners [My Account->Edit Workers] – Once you have a miner set up you can go on to the actual mining software.

You will likely have to disable your antivirus software prior to downloading any mining software, most antiviruses will automatically classify it as a threat and delete. Once you get past this hurdle you’ll have a directory like this.

Afterwards, edit your ccminer.conf file – here’s an example:

Lastly, you will likely need to disable Windows Defender firewall to make sure it doesn’t block your connection to the mining pool. (In the search box type Windows Defender, it should come up)

You can now launch ccminer-x64.exe, it will take a minute or two to get started. You’ll see something like this:

Lastly, if you don’t see it starting validate it’s connected by checking netstat in Windows Powershell and looking for a connection on port 3333.