Swim with the gay fishes

Join the Pool – http://gayfishpool.com/MPOS/public/

1.) Register and confirm your account (Check your spam/junk mail for our e-mail confirmation.)

2.) You’ll need to create workers [My Account->My Workers]
Add new worker name, and password (the password doesn’t really matter, something as simple as x is fine – if anyone used your credentials they’d just end up mining for you)

3.) We recommend using (CCminer: http://ccminer.org/)to mine with graphics cards and CPUs, your anti virus software will probably kill it so you’ll need to work around it. Edit your ccminer.conf file to point to the pool, and your worker credentials.

Here’s an example config file:

	"_comment1" : "Possible keys are the long options (ccminer --help)",
	"_comment2" : "todo: support /* comments */",

	"api-bind": "",
	"statsavg": 20,

	"quiet" : false,
	"debug" : false,
	"protocol" : false,
	"cpu-priority" : 3,

	"algo" : "scrypt",

	"url" : "stratum+tcp://gayfishpool.com:3333",
	"user" : "coinye.miner",
	"pass" : "xxxx"

point your scrypt based ASICs at our pool – stratum+tcp://gayfishpool.com:3333

For cgminer/sgminer your command line should look something like this:
cgminer -o stratum+tcp://gayfishpool.com:3333 -u poolusername.workername -p workerpassword

Extra parameters may be added to optimize performance, refer to documentation for the mining software of your choice.

The mine payments are based on the proportion of shares you contribute towards any block, all block payments take 120 confirmations to clear. After you exceed 500 COYE, it will be automatically transferred to the wallet you specified when creating your account.

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Common issues:
Not able to connect to mining pool
– Disable any firewall software you may be using, or windows defender.

Miner is not hashing:
Validate your commands with the software documentation, otherwise try another miner.